Equal Opportunity Statement Gresham International and its team believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Regardless of their age, sex, nationality, location, financial status, or sexual orientation. Lady justice is blind to matters relating to personal attributes. Gresham International attempts to follow in her footsteps. During our time working within the crypto space, we are proud to have assisted companies operated and maintained by minorities and those operated and maintained by women or mixed/fluid sexuality individual(s). If you ever believe you are discriminated against you must notify your case manager or the managing associate immediately. You should never be silent about discrimination, you have a voice. Further Education Campaign In 2021 Gresham International began making donations to global universities and supported education facilities. In that time we have made donations to or assisted/lectured: - The University of Surrey (Law School) - The University of Puerto Rico (Business School) - The University of Manila - The University of Wyoming - St Johns Military Academy We are proud of the work we do to help those new or young technology experts and lawyers looking to get into the digital asset space. Statement against fraud, harassment, or deceit Sadly, in the Crypto and Digital Asset Space, we have seen too many instances of fraud or deceit from parties. The truth is, where-ever there is money, there is often bad actors. Gresham International does not tolerate any harassment of its team, staff, or advisors. This includes of counsel or any party associated with us. Instances of harassment, threats, or threatening behavior is reported to the relevant law and legal authorities. Instances of deceit or fraud that Gresham International or its team members have actual or probable cause to believe is occurring, will report such activity to regulators or law enforcement agencies internationally. This is irrespective of our relationship to the party. Gresham International will always work with local and international regulators and law enforcement agencies where there is actual breaches of the law.