Special Notice - Harassment From Mr. Dunsmoor

Notice Concerning Harassment From Mr. Dunsmoor
We have been made aware of a lawyer based in New York State approaching current and former clients of Gresham International. This individual attempts to send disparaging and often false information in their communication with individuals. The information is sometimes derogatory toward Gresham International, its staff, and contains inappropriate language. We have kept the New York Bar association and Relevant Law enforcement authorities up to date with the ongoing harassment. Our team highlights that at no time have we ever worked with, for, or alongside Mr. Dunsmoor or any of the multiple law firms he claims to be part of. If you receive any messages from Mr. Dunsmoor we advise you to please forward us a copy. If you believe the communication is inappropriate, you have the right to contact the New York bar if you believe such communication breaches their rules. Gresham International has, and will continue, to operate at the highest level of professionalism. If any party or person believes that Gresham International or any of its team has breached any regulatory rules, they are more than welcome to contact any of our regulatory bodies, or law enforcement professionals. Gresham International does not tolerate any harassment of its staff or clients.