Special Notice - Ledgerscore Lawsuit

A notice concerning the Ledgerscore Lawsuit in Wyoming

A lawsuit has been filed in the USA within the State of Wyoming naming Gresham International (US Operated Entity) and Team members. Lawsuits in the USA are public and so they are free to access to anyone by logging onto the Wyoming Court System website. Although it would not be appropriate to fully comment on any lawsuit while it is being processed, we are aware that this lawsuit is both frivolous and an attempt to gain financial gain, from a company that has previously filed declarations of no assets (ledgerscore). When the situation first developed with Aubit/Freeway, we attempted to assist Ledgerscore recovery any funds that they had on deposit within. Despite having not worked with Aubit for some time, we felt this was an appropriate step. Unfortunately, recovery was not possible and now Ledgerscore have fabricated information, aligned themselves with questionable parties, and included Gresham into the lawsuit for recovery. There is also a disparity with the parties named in the lawsuit, having no connection with each other and some parties so remote that they serve no purpose. We do note that the parties filing the lawsuit have acted in breach of several rules and laws as it concerns their behavior. We are also aware that they have fabricated information in the lawsuit (including that Gresham and its Managing Associate were party to Aubit). Our U.S. Counsel is managing the lawsuit and we are confident of this being dismissed with counter claims being prepared at the time of writing. As Gresham US is a company that has worked with Wyoming and its legislature, we are aware that Wyoming is forward thinking and we consider the state to be a friend of Gresham International. We have no doubt that a Jury and Judge will see this lawsuit for what it is and who the parties involved are. If you have any questions relating to the Freeway Lawsuits, we will be happy to answer them.

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