Special Notice - Fake Job Offers

NOTICE CONCERNING FALSE JOB OFFERS It has been brought to our attention that a group is acting as Gresham International offering individuals fake job opportunities using false documents. While we are investigating this issue, we can confirm that Gresham International is currently not hiring (September, 2022) and does not plan on hiring within N.America or Europe for the next 12 months. This scam seems to be targeted toward Indian nationals living within Canada. The team at Gresham International has contacted law enforcement agencies and the companies involved. To help, we have prepared some useful points below: 1. You should never just receive an unsolicited job offer. A company will never hire someone without conducting an interview. If a third party reaches out to you from something posted on a job board, you should consider how unlikely it is that a company would simply just make you an offer. For a job you have never applied for. The usual hiring process for most companies is selection, interview, testing, background checks, offer. You will not just be made an offer of employment from any company. ESPECIALLY for a company you have never actually applied to. 2. A company will never ask you for personal details aligned with an unsolicited job offer. A company would not ask you for personal information in the first message. You should never give a company you have never spoken with, met with, or undertaken any research on your personal information. ever. 3. You would need to pass through interviews before you are offered a job. A job offer would only be offered on the basis of an interview and selection process. This would end with a face to face meeting at the company office. A company would never hire, or relocate you without meeting you first. 4. You should research the company and team. LinkedIn, Websites, and Google Searches are a good way to find out information about a team. If you are contacted by someone, not aligned with the company in any capacity, you should be concerned by that. Even if the person seems to be aligned with the company, you should do your best to confirm that they are a real person, and work for the company. 5. Companies do not communicate via Whatsapp and Telegram for Professional Matters. Speaking with clients can be done via telegram and whatsapp, however a job interview and onboarding process must be conducted under open circumstances. These must be professional and easy to access (in light of disability laws etc). It is highly unlikely any company would contact you via whatsapp or telegram to discuss a job, or encourage you to fill out personal details
If you are approached by a company calling itself Gresham International LLC over a job board you should keep any and all information relating to it. Then, report the matter to your local law enforcement office. YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE INTERNET. INCLUDING INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RESIDENCY, CITIZENSHIP, OR RIGHT TO WORK WITHIN ANOTHER COUNTRY.