Special Terms - Investment/Purchase/Participation

Notice and Terms concerning participation in any project Gresham International has worked with and statements made by its Members, Directors, Associates or other persons connected with Gresham International. YOU MUST READ THESE TERMS IN FULL. From time to time Gresham International including its Directors or Team Members may provide information regarding a project, product, or service that Gresham International has worked with. This information can be promotional or marketing in nature and can be produced by, for, or on behalf of a client of Gresham International. Such materials may or may not hold the Gresham International brand. Such materials may also feature the personal names of Directors, Members, or Associates of Gresham International with or without the Gresham International brand. The sole purpose of these statements, including all those written, spoken, recorded, or otherwise made available to the public are for marketing purposes only. No statements, which are created by or feature any team member of Gresham International, including its Directors, Members, Associates, or any other team member. (both with or without the Gresham International brand present) is not investment, financial, tax, or legal advice. Gresham International, its Members, Directors, Associates, or any other team members do not provide financial, legal, or tax advice to parties not engaged directly under contract with Gresham International. Any promotional material featuring any Member, Director, or Associate (both with or without the Gresham International brand present) is not designed to be legal, financial, or tax advice. Furthermore, such statements made on any media are not to be taken as a solicitation, encouragement, or inducement to purchase any Digital, Financial, or Physical Items as created, sold, or promoted by any of our clients. INDIVIDUALS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE PURCHASE, TRADING, USE, SALE, SWAP, HOLDING, OR OTHERWISE ENGAGE WITH DIGITAL ASSETS SUCH AS CRYPTOCURRENCIES SHOULD NOT DIVEST OR PUT IN ANY MONEY THAT THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. THEY SHOULD ALSO UNDERTAKE INDEPENDENT DUE DILIGENCE ON ANY PROJECT THEY ARE PLANNING ON GIVING MONEY OR OTHER DIGITAL ASSETS IN EXCHANGE WITH. The purpose of such work is educational in nature and designed to help clients and members of the public better understand the Digital Asset space. It is not designed to solicit, encourage, or otherwise give any kind of due diligence information on a project. Furthermore, such statements do not confirm or otherwise guarantee the suitability, merchantability, or stability of any project, client or digital asset. Statements made are only accurate at the time of making them and are no way the personal view of any Member, Director, Shareholder, or Associate of Gresham International. ANY AND ALL STATEMENTS MADE REGARDING ANY CLIENT OF GRESHAM INTERNATIONAL BY OR THROUGH THEIR MEMBERS, DIRECTORS, ASSOCIATES OR OTHER PERSONS SHOULD BE CHECKED DURING A FULL DUE DILIGENCE CHECK OF A CLIENT BY WORKING DIRECTLY WITH SUCH CLIENT. In watching, reading, listening or otherwise or using any materials that are created and/or distributed by clients of Gresham International (both with or without the Gresham International brand present) you are deemed to have undertaken reasonable due diligence including the reading of and accepting of these terms. In accepting these terms by engaging with any promotional materials that feature any Person, Director, Member, Associate, or other team member of Gresham International (both with or without the Gresham International brand present), you agree that such statements are not designed to induce, encourage, or solicit your participation in any sale, purchase, trade, swap, deposit, stake, or other engagement with a client. Any activities you undertake with a client are done so at your own risk after undertaking full due diligence on said client. At all times, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify any Member, Director, Associate, or other team member(s) of Gresham International and Gresham International generally (both where materials may or may not feature the Gresham International brand) from any purchase, stake, deposit, swap, or engagement with any client of Gresham International. THESE TERMS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE AND ARE NOT AMENDED BY ANY INTERACTION YOU MAY HAVE HAD WITH GRESHAM INTERNATIONAL INCLUDING ITS TEAM, MEMBERS, DIRECTORS, ASSOCIATES, OR ANY OTHER TEAM MEMBER. Should you feel you have any claim against Gresham International or its Members, Directors, Associates, or any other Team Member, you must first write to the Gresham International London office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H9JQ UK. Stating the nature of your claims, the basis of your claims, and the amount you are claiming any why. Gresham International shall then have 60 (Sixty) days to respond to you. The response will outline why your indemnity is applicable to the firm or if the firm feels that it acted inappropriately (including any members, directors, associates or other person associated with the firm). In such instance, no action will be an admission of wrongdoing. Any and all claims must be filed in an arbitration body based in London, United Kingdom. One arbitrator shall be appointed, with the costs of Arbitration being the sole responsibility of you as the clamant. The law applicable shall be the laws of England and Wales. AT ALL TIMES ANY CLAIMED, ACTUAL, OR OTHER LOSSES ARE CAPPED TO $5,000 FIVE THOUSAND US DOLLARS. IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN THE TIME TO READ THIS NOTICE THEN YOU ARE DEEMED TO HAVE NOT UNDERTAKEN REASONABLE DUE DILIGENCE ON ANY PROJECT YOU HAVE ENGAGED WITH, INCLUDING ANY ONE YOU ARE ASSERTING A CLAIM AGAINST. ACCORDINGLY YOU HAVE USED STATEMENTS AT FACE VALUE WITHOUT PROPER AND FULL RESEARCH AND NOT UNDERTAKEN BASIC DUE DILIGENCE. YOU MAY CONTACT GRESHAM INTERNATIONAL AT ANY TIME THROUGH OUR WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ON ANY COMPANY THAT WE HAVE WORKED WITH AND WE (INCLUDING ANY ASSOCIATE, DIRECTOR, MEMBER, OR OTHER GRESHAM TEAM MEMBER) ARE FEATURED ON SUCH PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. GRESHAM INTERNATIONAL, ITS DIRECTORS, MEMBERS, ASSOCIATES, SHAREHOLDERS, CONTRACTORS, OR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE COMPANY DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN OR OTHERWISE ENGAGE IN CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS. IN LISTENING TO OR ENGAGING WITH ANY PUBLISHED MATERIALS WHICH FEATURE ANY MEMBER, TEAM MEMBER, DIRECTOR, SHAREHOLDER, CONTRACTOR OR OTHER PARTY YOU ARE DEEMED TO HAVE ACCEPTED THIS WAIVER FOR AND CONCERNING ANY CLASS ACTION. YOU ARE HEREBY WAIVING YOUR RIGHTS TO ANY CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT OR BEING ANY PART OR PARTY THERETO. THIS DOES NOT REMOVE YOUR INDIVIDUAL ABILITY TO BRING ANY ACTION SUBJECT TO THE LIMITATIONS, WAIVERS, AND ARBITRATION REQUIREMENT CONTAINED WITHIN THESE TERMS AND THIS NOTICE. FREE MATERIALS INCLUDING A COPY OF WRITTEN EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS CONCERNING HOW TO BECOME INVOLVED IN CRYPTOCURRENCY PROJECTS ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU AT YOUR REQUEST. OUR TEAM MEMBERS ALSO UNDERTAKE EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS AND SPEECHES YOU SHOULD ALSO REVIEW ON THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH DIGITAL ASSETS. DO NOT TAKE ONE STATEMENT INDEPENDENTLY WITHOUT DOING FULL RESEARCH.