Special notice - Opinion Letters

September 2022
During the 2021 - 2022 period Gresham International issued opinion letters for some clients from our Managing Associate, Cal Evans. This would have been clients who's matters were managed directly by Cal Evans as their matter manager. There is one material change and one notice concerning these opinion letters. Material Change The language 'Licensed to practice within Wisconsin as in-house counsel' should be amended to read 'permitted to work as in-house counsel' - this decision was made after consultation with the Wisconsin Bar Association. Notice Any Gresham International opinion letters which concern the laws of the United States, as issued by Associates including Cal Evans, Joseph Johnson, or Justine Scerri before the above date should be deemed as ineffective. This decision is made in light of the recent Binance Action taken by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Please contact us to have your opinion letter amended. Any letter which has not been amended or features the words 'AS AMENDED' at the top should not be accepted as a suitable opinion letter for any project.