Regulator Information

Gresham International Group is a legal services and compliance firm with offices located in different locations - more information on our services are listed below: Gresham International in the USA Gresham International is not a law firm within the United States of America. Gresham International does have 'of counsel' that works with the firm in instances where clients would like to use counsel that the company has a great professional relationship with. We are able to assist our clients in the USA with compliance issues relating to Digital assets. This includes elements such as Token Economics, White Paper and Crypto Document preparation and Reviews, Corporate Formations and Strategy. We are also proud to work with several regulators and government bodies within the USA, bringing our international knowledge about foreign locations and jurisdictions to America, helping professionals and politicians better understand the international Digital Asset landscape. Gresham International Elsewhere Internationally Gresham International is a legal service firm able to support clients with their legal needs. We are proud to have offices in Dubai, London, and Gibraltar. Sadly, due to political issues, we had to close our office within Hong Kong. However, we do hope to return there one day. Under UK Law - Gresham International is obliged to provide members of the public with all the regulatory body its members or its companies are regulated by. This list is below. Gresham International and its members are members of the following bodies: - The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (Lawyers) - The American Bar Association (Foreign and In-House Counsel) - Ukraine Bar Association (Suspended due to conflict) - Courts of the Dubai International Financial Center (Lawyers and Legal Consultants) - Information Commissioners Office - British Blockchain Association *Some members are regulated by bodies including the Singapore Bar Association and the Wisconsin Bar association in capacities not connected with Gresham International and not associated with being a lawyer or able to practice law independently within those locations* To obtain a copy of our complaints procedure, please contact your case manager or the associate handling your matter.