Special Notice - Aubit/Freeway

Notice concerning Aubit/Freeway

We are aware that late in 2022 the Aubit (Sometimes called Freeway) project encountered financial difficulty due to a financial services firm based in Europe. While we do not have all of the details (as we were not actively working with them at that time) we are aware of the following: When the failiure first occurred, we had not worked with Aubit for some time. Despite this, we began assisting their in-house legal team (pro-bono) with recovery of assets for the benefit of those impacted. We are aware that there is/was a road to (at least partial) recovery and that is being explored with regulators and lawyers on behalf of Aubit. We also believe that the Greek Authorities have started proceedings against those who have, they believe, undertaken criminal activities. It should be noted that Aubit/Freeway switched to their own in-house team and the use of other third party counsel for some years since our engagement. After we became aware of the situation, we began assisting in any way that we could to help those impacted. We also followed all necessary steps and reported the matter to the UK FCA and the National Crime Agency. We know that several other regulators are looking into this issue as it was reported, independently by Aubit. We are also aware that they had worked with counsel to recover funds for users including the appointment of multiple liquidators. Until a Winding Up petition was filed in the Cayman Islands, regular updates were provided by the team. Steps you can take if you are impacted: If you believe that any fraud has been undertaken by any member of the Aubit Team you should contact your local financial services regulator. Keep all documents, transactions, and any information as evidence and file a report with them. You can also contact special financial police if such a body exists where you live. However, we are aware that the UK FCA are managing a complaint and investigation into the matter. Contact the UK FCA here: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/how-complain If you have any information relating to the whereabouts of any of the Greek persons associated with the regulated exchange Ardu Prime you should contact the Greek Police financial crimes unit. The best place to start is by filing a 'cyber crime police report, here: https://www.gov.gr/en/org/astynomia/kataggelies Finally, you can contact the liquidators managing the matter in the Cayman Islands directly by email: AuBitInternational@fticonsulting.com - You should consult with local counsel and make any claim for losses directly to them. Although we would suggest contacting the secondary liquidator operating for the Seychelles Company - FPP you can contact them via the FFP email freeway@ffp.ky. The primary liquidator has Mr. Olney-Fraser on the 'committee' which creates an issue for representation and conflict of interest which has not yet been addressed by the liquidator. The Freeway Lawsuits Website - We have been made aware of a website purporting to offer legal services to parties that are impacted by the Aubit/Freeway lawsuits situation. While everyone is entitled to legal representation, we are advising individuals to NOT participate in this website or any action brought by them, for the following reasons: It seems the parties responsible for developing this website 'olney fraser lawyers' have participated in fraudulent activity in the past, and possibly continue to do so. The 'founder' Mr. Olney-Fraser, is an admitted lawyer in Australia (but has not practiced law for a number of years). The purpose of these 'lawsuits' is not to recover funds for victims, but rather finance Mr. Olney-Fraser and his accomplices. Mr. Olney-Fraser has admitted (in open forum) to setting up fake law-firms' in the past to encourage parties to give him/his accomplices money to 'recover money from failed projects'. The law firms were fake, the lawyers were fake, and no lawsuits were ever filed. Mr. Olney-Fraser is a lawyer admitted in Australia currently under investigation by several law enforcement bodies for his methods (Extortion and Threatening) to 'settle lawsuits' on behalf of Freeway victims. However, he was not a lawyer when he set up these fake firms and neither were the fake people that he listed as working there/comminuted with people pretending to be. Also, Mr. Olney-Fraser is under investigation for his participation in acting as a lawyer in countries where he is not permitted to do so. Needless to say, to date, despite settling (apparently), no funds have been received by any party from Olney-Fraser lawyers. The parties linked to the Ledgerscore Lawsuit in Wyoming, The Lawyer representing them, and Mr. Olney-Fraser appear to all be linked. Advising on the same projects, using the collapse of those projects to solicit funds, and then posting the legal information about a lawyer in Wyoming. We would recommend retaining your own counsel to represent you if you feel you have any claims relating to the Freeway/Aubit situation. If you cannot afford counsel, you should contact the FFP liquidators. The liquidators have a duty to provide assistance to those who are owed money from the company. We would also suggest that you use a local lawyer qualified who is permitted to work where you live. If you have been a victim of the Tradove or other scam run by the fake law firm set up by Mr. Olney-Fraser (Cohen Brothers) please contact you local law enforcement. Please feel free to contact us if you have any information relating to Mr. Olney-Fraser, Mr. Nathan Christian, or Counselor Bobb Cornish pertaining to the running of fake law firms, sale of crypto assets or recovery scams.

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